Credit line – what is it and what are the rules for granting a credit line?

If you are an entrepreneur, you certainly know that your competitiveness on the market depends on liquidity and financial flexibility. In practice, this means free access to additional resources that will allow you to react quickly to the changing business reality. Regardless of the industry in which you operate, innovation in the company is a key element that affects its development, success and, as a result, increased profits.

A business credit line


is a solution that gives you the opportunity to buy equipment, licenses, machines, employee training, office equipment, a trip to an industry conference or buying a car – efficiently, basically right away, without unnecessary formalities and, most importantly, without unnecessary corpse. And time and efficiency of operation are of key importance here: a good contract or interesting order will not wait until you manage to organize additional financing to be able to meet the contractor’s requirements.

A flexible credit line takes care of all these problems and gives you access to the money needed for smooth, effective operation of your business. You can spend the funds on the company’s current operations as well as broadly understood development, modernization or innovation – in terms of premises, equipment and machinery, as well as training and expanding human resources.

The credit line is an ideal solution for business owners who are serious about their future, cannot afford to delay their actions and fail their clients’ trust. What is the mechanism of this product? Who is it addressed to? Is there a credit line for new businesses ? We invite you to read our article!

What is a business credit line?

What is a business credit line?

The credit line is a well-known and well-rooted product on the market. Its operation is based on a simple mechanism: you get access to additional funds (the amount of the limit in the bank offers is described later in the article), which are available in your company account (or, less often, in a specially created settlement account). The amount of the limit increases the balance of your account, and you pay interest not on the whole amount allocated to you, but on the money actually used in a given settlement period.

Therefore, the credit line allows you to use additional financing – whenever you want, how you want and for what you want. Nobody will check whether you have spent money on quarterly rewards for the best employees or a corporate event; for modernization of the machine park or purchase of a new production line; repair or purchase of a new car; purchase of new computer hardware and software licensed; or just for the current business of the company. The fact that interest is calculated only on the amount actually used makes it an attractive solution for entrepreneurs from various industries, enterprises of various sizes and turnover.

In most cases, the business credit line operates on a similar principle to a revolving limit, i.e. receipts reduce interest receivables, but do not reduce available funds that can be reused. This is another advantage that makes a truly flexible credit line a blessing for any dynamic entrepreneur. The main advantage of the credit line is, therefore, its renewal – we have the option of repeated use of the funds allocated by us, because every payment to the account automatically reduces the debt. 

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